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This curriculum will help coalitions facilitate trainings for local programs on supporting adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Based on our popular conversation series on the same topic, the curriculum provides practical and comprehensive advice for advocates using a variety of methods to answer the questions:

  • What is child sexual abuse? How does it impact survivors in adulthood?
  • What is healing? How do adult survivors of child sexual abuse heal?
  • How can sexual violence advocacy programs support adult survivors of child sexual abuse?

You can download the full toolkit (1.48 MB) from the attachments section, or you can view each individual tool by selecting the resources in the collapsible headings.

Using the Curriculum & Overview of Module Structure

Handouts for Activities

Featured Resources

Module 1: The Realities of Child Sexual Abuse

Module 2: Coping from Child Sexual Abuse Into Adulthood

Module 3: The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on the Body

Module 4: How Child Sexual Abuse Impacts Relationships

Module 5: A Vision for Healing

Featured Resources

Module 6: Incorporating the Body Into Healing

Module 7: Sex and Sexuality as a Part of Healing

Module 8: Spirituality and Culture in Healing

Module 9: Community Building as Healing