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This evaluation toolkit combines a philosophical approach to evaluation with options and links to deeper learning about a wide variety of evaluation tools. This approach balances room to adapt tools and approaches to our specific communities while also encouraging us to expand relationships with the programs, partners, and communities that inform and rely on our work.

As we begin using these tools in our RSP work, we will likely be adding to, editing, and clarifying the guidance written in the toolkit’s pages.

Module One: Introduction

This section provides a landscape overview of why we evaluate and how we can do it ethically.

Module Two: Evaluation Practice Guidelines

This section explains why evaluation practice guidelines are important and helps people create their own.

Module Three: Planning for TA Evaluation

This section helps coalitions come up with their own parameters for evaluating TA.

Module Four: Tools for Evaluating TA

This section introduces tools for evaluating different aspects of TA.

Module Five: Tools for Moving Beyond the Report

This section highlights different ways people can share results of their evaluations.

Module Six: Tools for Shared Learning

This section explores tools for evaluating systems.

Module Seven: Summary and Supports

This section lists links to further learning.