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The job of a Board Member encompasses many facets of an organization. This handbook briefly touches on a number of these areas, including: policy development, financial management, Board development, and personnel management. This handbook does not lay out every facet of a Boards work in any of these areas. Instead, it is intended to be used as an orientation tool for Board Members.

This handbook can be used with new Board Members or with experienced Board Members who would like to have more training and guidance on their important roles within the organization. Hopefully, this guide will help provide Board Members with the information they need to work effectively for their organizations. It is important to remember that Board training must be an ongoing process; no one guide or training event can properly prepare any one person for the different and often difficult decisions he or she will have to make during his or her term on the Board. It is our hope that this guide will provide all Board Members with a starting place and basic level orientation to their very important roles.