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Rural programs greatly benefit from good communications and marketing in their community. Effective communications can look many different ways- especially in a rural community. These resources are meant to assist dual/multi-service advocacy organizations in creating the best possible strategy for communicating with survivors, the media, and the community as a whole.

Rural Style Guide will teach you the best formatting for different kinds of communications, provide a guide on fonts, and supply links to several free resources to help your agency create a presence in your community.

Communicating with the Rural Media will give you tips on how to communicate with the media, help you submit a letter to the editor and provide a sample letter to the editor, and help you write a press release and provide a sample press release.

Rural Website Tips will give your agency concrete and concise tips on how to create an effective website for your rural agency.

Best Practices for Rural Social Media will help your agency figure out how best to communicate on social media, assist you in creating a social media policy, andultimately ease your anxieties about dealing with negative comments on social media.