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In this edition, we’re providing you with a selection of articles and resources specific to supporting sexual assault in men and boys.


Creating a Space for Male Survivors by Eric Stiles, National Sexual Violence Resource Center (attached)

The Complexities of Gendered Frameworks in the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement by Michelle Dixon-Wall, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (attached)

Enhancing Male Outreach Efforts, One Center at a Time by Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (attached)


Buzzfeed Article: 26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them: From Grace Brown’s Project Unbreakable, an online platform that strives to “increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault.” (Trigger Warning.)

Talking About Gender & Sexuality: Language is powerful in all anti-sexual violence work. This resource offers some terms and language for individuals engaging in discussions on gender, sexuality, and sexual violence. This resource is part of the Information Packet on Sexual Violence & Those Who Identify as LGBTQ.

Coalition Capacity for Engaging Men & Boys; Key Readiness Issues, National Sexual Violence Resource Center (in the attachments section)

Clinical Issues in Treating Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Jim Struve, LCSW (in the attachments section)

Distinguishing Features Between Adult Male & Female Survivors, Jim Struve, LCSW (in the attachments section)

Terms Paradox Factsheet: This factsheet discusses the terms paradox. Asking what terms a person uses and using those terms to refer to them conveys respect and openness, however terms provide very little information relevant to providing appropriate services.

Connections: Male Survivors of Sexual Violence (Newsletter Publication), Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs: A great edition of WCSAP’s Connections Newsletter addressing different elements of male sexual assault, including ties between faith communities, working with gay male survivors, program highlights and more.

Seeing Past the “L”: Addressing Anti-Male Bias in Sexual Assault Services for the LGBT Community, Loree Cook-Daniels, FORGE: This article discusses the silence of many LGBT advocates about services for men, arguing that GBT male victims are relatively unwelcome/invisible in anti-sexual violence centers. Provides recommendations that agencies can follow to become more inclusive. The author offers a strong argument regarding issues that are highly controversial in both the anti-sexual violence and domestic violence movements. For additional viewpoints on issues of gender, victimization, and services, the articles included in “Related Information” may be of interest.

Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault for Women & Men: Perspective of College Students, Marjorie Sable, Fran Danis, Denise Mauzy, Sarah Gallagher

Socialization & Its Impact On Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Jim Struve, LCSW

The Paradoxical Elephant: A Theoretical Framework for Male-Centered Approaches to Sexual Trauma, Rick Goodwin, MSW RSW

The Treatment Needs of Sexually Abused Men, by Kali Munro, M.Ed., Psychotherapist


Myths About Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse,  Jim Struve, LCSW

Fact Sheet on Adult Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, 1 in 6

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Prince Edward Island Rape & Sexual Assault Center

Facts about Sexual Abuse of Boys & Its Aftermath


Rewind, Rebound: A Teenage Guy’s Book For Dealing With Sexual Abuse, Leslie Bailey Wright

Victims No Longer, Mike Lew


The Oprah Show: Male Victimization: 200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward (Full Episode)

Boyhood Shadows: A Documentary Film, Steven Rosen & Terri DeBono

Boys & Men: Healing From Child Sexual Abuse, Kathy Barbini & Big Voice Pictures