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As coalitions continue to address oppression in our culture, particularly as it intersects with sexual violence, the Resource Sharing Project offers this ReShape with tools and resources to support their anti-racism work. While we must work diligently to address all forms of oppression, and recognize the inherent relationship between all interlocking oppressions in our work to end sexual violence, our specific focus on racism in this issue allows us to address one of the most structural, institutional forms of oppression; one that creates inequalities in power, access, opportunities, services, and policy in our communities, our institutions, and our organizations. For the good of all, we must challenge words and actions that marginalize, exclude or dehumanize others. Only through identification of the ways racism affects us all, can we begin to shape our commitment to anti-oppression work. Practicing anti-racism work is an ongoing commitment, that if not addressed will divide and weaken our abilities to provide the best services to survivors of sexual assault. We must courageously and honestly examine how racism affects our own organizations so that we may provide stronger anti-oppressive leadership to our member programs and allies.

In this issue, we provide a round-up of resources on anti-racism work to guide you in this work and examples of the great work your peers are doing to address oppression. Attached are multiple examples of letters, press releases, and other published statements reacting to and supporting individuals and groups speaking out about racism and oppression.