Resource Details

Sexual assault coalitions helped RSP develop this list of resources during the first few months of the Covid-pandemic.

Online Webinars and Resources

The following resources offer free readings and recordings on topics relevant to sexual assault coalition work.

Offline Resources

Read relevant books

The books below are previous RSP book club picks.

Things you can do on your own

  • Journal or make art to reflect on your experiences as an advocate or coalition staff member. What is going well? What is not going well? What are you learning? Where do you want or need to grow? What inspires you these days? What concerns you? What do you think you could approach differently in your work? How has your work in the sexual assault field/movement change how you relate to other people? How has it influenced your life outside of work?
  • Learn or deepen a skill that you can offer for future holistic healing groups.
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks.
  • Update brochures or make new ones specific to different communities or on different topics.
  • Update or write new curricula or workshop activities.
  • Practice curriculum writing by deconstructing and reconstructing a workshop you’ve attended that you liked or an activity someone else facilitated that you enjoyed.
  • Write blog posts (can be done online or off, to post later).
  • Record yourself giving your “elevator pitch” about your program and watch/reflect/improve or come up with different pitches for different communities.

Things you can do with others

  • Have one-on-one conversations over the phone to get to know allies/partners you work with or want to work with more
  • Research leadership development and accountability plans and fill one out for yourself. Talk it over with your supervisor or a trusted mentor.
  • Ask someone you admire to mentor you or have phone conversation with you.
  • Brainstorm questions that you struggle to answer during community presentations and practice writing/saying different answers. Record them and critique yourself or share with a work buddy to get feedback.