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Prison facilities are disproportionately located in rural communities. Yet, rural advocates are often apprehensive about providing services to incarcerated survivors of sexual violence. While it’s important to receive additional training specific to working with incarcerated survivors, victim advocates already have a wealth of expertise in working with a wide range of survivors. With some guidance, advocates can adapt those skills to support this especially underserved population. Rural service providers need additional training to build their skills in working with these survivors and the institutions in which they are incarcerated. In collaboration with Just Detention International (JDI), the Resource Sharing Project (RSP) is launching a new initiative, Our Whole Community: Connection and Healing with Incarcerated Survivors.  

Space to participate in the cohort is limited. An application and selection process will occur with applications opening September 25th 2023 (now open) and closing November 3rd, 2023. The cohort will run from January through June 20.


The video below contains more information about the cohort.

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