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Description: Survivors of child sexual abuse may live in silence and fear, uncertain how to seek help or who to tell. This silence often extends well into adulthood as they navigate a life deeply impacted by trauma experienced in childhood. Housing instability throughout the lifespan can result from child sexual abuse, and adult survivors may need transitional housing in order to heal. Join the Resource Sharing Project for an interactive conversation for OVW T-Housing grantees about meeting the needs of adult survivors of child sexual abuse in transitional housing. Topics we will be addressing: How is child sexual abuse different than sexual violence first experienced in adulthood? What are ways that survivors of child sexual abuse cope in adulthood? How can a survivor’s relationship to their body be impacted by child sexual abuse? How can child sexual abuse impact relationship building? How can child sexual abuse impact housing throughout the lifespan? 

Audience: OVW Transitional Housing grantees.

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