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For survivors of sexual violence many areas of their lives will be impacted by the violence they endured. There may be consequences to physical health, mental health, romantic and familial relationships, and even employment. Sexual abuse undermines self-confidence, concentration, and energy, all of which are needed to bring your best self to work. For survivors who experienced sexual harassment or assault while at their place of employment these consequences can more directly relate to employment concerns. However, the sexual assault does not need to have taken place at work or be perpetrated by a coworker for employment to be impacted.

Employment advocacy is a specific form of advocacy which addresses the employment needs of sexual assault survivors.This form of advocacy can be helpful for survivors who are interested in exploring accommodations or adjustments to their current employment or workload, new employment opportunities, conversations with employers about victimization and its impact on employment, and pursuing action against an employer. This resource contains recommendations and creative solutions for advocacy organizations looking to expand their capacity to provide employment advocacy for sexual violence survivors.