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A Resource for Sexual Assault Coalitions and Service Programs

The Resource Sharing Project is very excited to share the 2011 Financial Management Manual with sexual assault coalitions. This resource was developed to help you and your member programs meet financial management and sustainability goals. We provided files for your use and modification on a CD (distributed at regional financial management seminars in Fall of 2011).

The following usage guidelines are designed to help you easily adapt this manual to address both the needs of your coalition and the needs of the local sexual assault programs within your state.

Usage Guidelines:

  • The content in the manual is applicable to both coalitions and local programs. Coalitions are encouraged to use the manual internally and adapt the policies and procedures to best meet your needs and those of local community sexual assault programs.
  • Coalitions are welcome to replace the RSP logo and replace Resource Sharing Program with their own logo and name, but please leave intact the material in Section I: Financial Reference and the information about the OVW grant that kindly provided funding for the manual.
  • Consider adding any state specific information that applies to your coalition and local sexual assault programs. Although the current Section I: Financial Reference needs to remain unchanged, you are encouraged to add state specific reference information as needed.

Thank you for all that you do, and remember that we are here to support you with financial management capacity and sustainability questions, issues, customization of the manual, and preparation for training on financial management issues.