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What is the Coalition Compensation Report?

For over a decade, RSP has compiled biennial statistics on coalition staff salaries to help executive directors and Boards meet IRS “safe harbor” requirements. The report alternates between collecting information on Executive Director salaries and salaries for all sexual assault and dual coalition staff.

This year, in response to what coalition executive directors have asked for, we are doing something different. Our process will collect information about salary and benefits (including time off, insurance premiums, retirement, etc.) to understand the total compensation package that coalitions are offering, especially as we emerge from the pandemic.

After we analyze the data, we will present the final report to all sexual assault coalition staff members.

How can I participate?

This year, we are opening participation to a broader audience. If you are an ED of a sexual assault or dual coalition, we ask that you complete the data collection spreadsheet sent to you via email, or schedule a time with RSP to talk through your answers.

If you are not a coalition ED, you can participate in forthcoming listening sessions. We are currently planning to offer a listening session for:

  • Coalition Executive Directors
  • Coalition Fiscal Staff
  • Coalition Staff of Color
  • Coalition Middle Managers
  • All Other Coalition Staff

We will also send a link for a survey that can be completed anonymously to gather thoughts about coalition compensation from coalition staff. The questions asked on the survey will not be the same questions as the ones asked at the listening sessions.

After we complete data collection, we also hope to organize a call for any coalition staff who are interested to participate in an initial analysis of the aggregate (made anonymous) data.

How long will it take to participate?

We’re offering ways for people to participate at varying levels of time commitment. Completing the survey open to all sexual assault coalition staff can take anywhere from 5 minutes and up, depending on how much you’d like to contribute.

Listening sessions will be scheduled for 1 hour each.

The Excel spreadsheet sent to executive directors takes between 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Can I or other staff contribute in languages other than English?

Yes. We provide interpretation in English and Spanish for all listening sessions. We can schedule a phone call that includes an interpreter for the 1:1 data collection session. And you can write answers to the Excel spreadsheet questions in Spanish and we will get the answers translated.

If you would like information in another language (including ASL), or to participate in another language (including ASL), please email as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate any accessibility needs you have.

What will happen to the information I share? Who will have access to it?

RSP values pay equity. It’s why we won’t publish or share any job announcements that don’t list a salary or salary range. To that end, we are committed to distributing the final report, with salary ranges and averages for different types of positions, to as many coalition staff members as possible and to making the final report available on our website. We will not make person-level data available to anyone outside of the RSP staff and RSP staff will only use the information to help write the report.

Even without releasing any person-level data, we understand if you or other coalition leaders feel worried about how this information may impact your staff. It is true that if any coalition staff are paid outside of the normative ranges, or if there are benefits offered at other coalitions not currently available at yours, that your employees may begin to ask for them as well. We believe in our field’s ability to make space for these conversations.

What if I want to know more information about something included in the final report, like which coalitions are offering a specific benefit, or are paying for a benefit using a specific strategy?

Reach out to someone on the RSP team. We will identify who submitted the information in question and let them know we received a request for more information. We will leave it up to that person/coalition to decide whether they would like to be identified. If yes, we will provide an email connection between the person requesting the information and the person consenting to share the information.

When will the final report be released?

Our hope is to release the final report by mid-May. However, that timeline is dependent on how quickly we receive information from coalitions, our translator’s capacity, and OVW’s approval process.

How will RSP staff use the report?

RSP staff plan to schedule calls to teach folks how to use the information in the report, to guide our in-depth TA with coalitions, and to advocate with federal funders where we can to increase pay equity and salary transparency for coalition staff and advocates.

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